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- Box Alpar - Albissola M.


- Crescent - Savona


- Villa Chiabrera - Savona


- Ville Dufour Pinelli - Genova


- Fase 2 Crescent - Savona

ville cevasco pinelli

Villa Dufour and Villa Cevasco Pinelli in Via Cervetto (built in 1400/1500 and for centuries property of Doria and Cevasco-Pinelli families) will be conserved and restored with the aim of being divided into several apartments and to re-qualify the park in front.

They are located in a hilltop position of the district of Cornigliano though easily accessible even for pedestrians from the commercial street of Cornigliano where there are all the shops and services of the neighborhood. Through actions of this kind the town of Cornigliano will regain a new look and a new socio-urban balance that together with the displacement of traffic on the extension of Via di Francia will render it a more livable neighborhood.

A total of 46 apartments of different sizes and dimensions (from one bedroom to four bedrooms, some with private gardens and terraces) and 46 underground garages will be obtained. The decision to use traditional materials and technologies will return to the villas their original image while ensuring comfort, safety and facilities worthy of a modern structure. The restoration project aims very much at the reorganization and redevelopment of green areas around the buildings them being a crucial part of the operation. This has been done through an accurate reconstruction of the original elements, such as terracing, restoring dry stone walls of the pedestrian routes and the inclusion of species and native plants.

The appurtenant area will not only be enjoyable and usable by residents but also adequately fenced and constantly monitored by a surveillance system to prevent intrusion by outside parties as a guarantee for condominiums.

Data sheet:

- Surface of works area: 6.000 sqm google maps
- Gross residential area: 4.300 sqm
- N° of apartments: 46
- N° of garages/ parking spaces: 46
- Surface of green area: 2.300 sqm
orsa - From which pertaining gardens: 1.000 sqm

orsa2000 orsa2000



crescent crescent

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