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- Box Alpar - Albissola M.


- Crescent - Savona


- Villa Chiabrera - Savona


- Ville Dufour Pinelli - Genova


- Fase 2 Crescent - Savona

crescent savona

The project is being carried out in the area of the historic center of Albissola Marina, accessible from Via dei Ceramisti or Via dei Bruciati. It involves the construction of private garages and the overall upgrading of the area with the creation of gardens, public parking lots and a new road system with a two-way street to serve the district.

The redevelopment plan of the area includes construction of a pedestrian bridge (over the river Rio Basci) for a new access to the cemetery as well as the construction of a pedestrian bridge / bicycle path connecting the two sections of the former railway embankment at the beginning of the new street.

The parking lot will be implemented in two separate compartments (compartment A and B) each of which consists of two underground levels, for a total of 209 spaces. Each level will be served by a ramp driveway communicating directly with the outside. The roof of the parking lot will be used as a ground level public parking with green areas.

The redevelopment is not limited to reshaping of the existing outline but involves also the hills above where retaining walls lined with cleft stones will be built; the strips of land obtained this way will be used for planting of plants and precious foliage.

Garages for sale – prices from € 50.000 CONTACT

Data sheet:

- Surface of the project area: 5.600 sqm
- Surface of underground area: 7.000 sqmgoogle maps
- N° of garages: 209
- Public areas: 5.600 sqm
- Value of public works carried out: 640.000 €

orsa2000 orsa2000


crescent crescent
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