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Or.Sa.2000 S.r.l. was formed in 1996 to pursue the aim of the conversion of an abandoned industrial area in the old harbor of the port of Savona. Capitalizing on the experience derived from such real estate conversion, the Company has continued to implement its portfolio of operations. To date, the Company is one of the leading companies for real estate development and promotion of the Region of Liguria. Or.Sa.2000, directly or through its subsidiaries, carries out its business by acquiring the land, brownfield sites, real estates in general to promote construction of new residences, commercial, small and creative business areas and hotels.

The Crescent project in Savona has provided 12.000 sqm of residential areas, 4.000 sqm of commercial, small business and office areas, as well as 19.000 sqm of underground parking area, up to 96% of the areas have already been sold. The portfolio of orders includes other projects already acquired or contracted for a total of 36.000 sqm of residential areas, 980 garages, 12.500 sqm of tourist accommodation areas and approximately 2.000 sqm of commercial areas. These projects are located in Liguria for the most part and in Sardinia for the remainder (hotels and resorts).

Some of these projects are already underway or will begin soon, e.g. the 200 underground garages in Albissola Marina, the renovation of 4500 sqm Villa Cevasco and Villa Doria Dufour in Genoa, the restoration of 1000 sqm Villa Chiabrera in Savona, and the entire area of the inner harbour of Varazze. All work is characterized by high quality standards and high performance.
Or.Sa.2000 S.r.l. has in its development plans the implementation of the portfolio of real estate transactions also outside the Liguria Region, with particular attention to the development of commercial areas, tourist residences, the harbor area and recovery and restoration of historic buildings.



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Sede legale: PIAZZA G. ROSSA 32R, 17100 SAVONA
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CCIAA Riviere Di Liguria – Imperia – La Spezia - Savona
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