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crescent savona
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- Box Alpar - Albissola M.


- Crescent - Savona


- Villa Chiabrera - Savona


- Ville Dufour Pinelli - Genova


- Fase 2 Crescent - Savona

crescent savona

The construction project called Crescent Complex is located in the area of the Old Harbour of Savona, the area subject to profound urban transformation, which in recent years has become a characteristic element of the city.

The overall project, from its conception in 2000 until its completion, was designed and developed by architect Ricardo Bofill from Barcelona, who has already signed large urban transformation projects in different parts of the world.

The crescent-shaped main building – of residential use – overlooks from one side the tourist harbor and from the other the sea, with a perspective over the entire Ligurian Gulf from the mountain of Portofino till Capo Noli.

Thanks to the deep urban renewal due to the development of this project the entrance to the port area of the city has been redesigned, dividing the access to the industrial port from the touristic one. For the latter large pedestrian walks were created that have maintained and enhanced the totality of the seventeenth century "Terrazzette."

The green spaces have completed the conversion of the industrial '60s port, returning to citizens the spaces with increased value and equipped according to high standard of modern urban fabric.


The commercialization of spaces has been completed by 96%: some small/creative business areas are still available on the ground level of the building (ranging in size from 50 to 90 sqm), in the new Piazza Guido Rossa (about 120 sqm each, unifiable) and inside the gallery of Piazza Luigi Calabresi (about 60 and 110 sqm, also unifiable), as well as some garages in the compartment underneath Piazza Guido Rossa.


Data sheet:

1) Surface of the project area: 23.500 sqm
2) Gross residential area: 12.000 sqm
3) N° of housings: 118
4) Gross commercial areas, offices, services: 3.600 sqmmichelin
5) N° of commercial/ small business units: 24
6) Surface of underground area: 19.000 sqm
7) N° of garages: 700
8) Public areas: 18.300 sqm
9) Value of public works carried out: € 3.000.000


orsa2000 orsa2000



crescent crescent
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